Here’s some feedback from various runners about the event:

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for putting on such an event. I would never do a route like this on my own but love trail and appreciate the opportunity to run such a challenging/beautiful course knowing help was on hand if needed. The course was more demanding than I anticipated but I truly felt I had achieved something crossing over that finishing line! Thank goodness it didn’t rain ha ha

I felt it was well organised, the check points were marshalled by lovely, friendly people and were well stocked with goodies I will definitely be back next year to take it on again… hopefully stronger and fitter!

Thanks again and be sure I’ll check out other events like this in the future. It was awesome.

Sonya Macdonald

I thought that yesterday’s event was really good. Even after running around Thrunton for 35 years you took me to places I had either never been before or not for a long time. Well done. Harry enjoyed it to!

David Gilthorpe

6th place at Thrunton Thriller half marathon. Many thanks to High Fell Events for a fantastically tough and impeccably well marked course. Best race I’ve done in a long time.

Phil Green

Barry, was well organised, well signposted and a great trail event for a “not so much of an athlete” like myself, but yes that left turn towards the end was heart sinking but did make me laugh as took most by surprise. Marshals were great and the sweet shop at checkpoint 2 was the nicest I’ve ever visited in my life. The terrain was brutal at times but also funny when you unexpectedly sunk a foot or so in a bog. I actually said to my mate at the end although it was tough for me it was one of the most enjoyable runs I’ve done and will definitely be there next year if it’s on, signed up for cragside last year and have swapped it to 2016 when it was sadly cancelled but if it’s anything like thrunton it will be fun. Thanks to all involved, as for the toilets I don’t think the blokes realised there were thousands of trees which could be utilised and would of eased a lot of the congestion. Thanks once again and if you can guarantee the same weather next year it would be appreciated, maybe just a tad less windy up on the crags though!!


Thank you for organising such a fun race, I loved every minute! Although I think I owe the marshal at the end an apology!

This was my first run in the hills, my normal running ground being the flats of norfolk and really don’t want to go back to road running now! We come to northumberland most easter holidays so I would definitely do this race again! But please no surprise extra hills next time!

Yes, extra toilets, as I think the egg hunt took place in the woods where quite a few runners had visited earlier in the day.

Gillian Bidle

Hi I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the run and I will be signing up for next years even though it was supposed to be 10k but ended up being 13.6k lol. I thought I would have struggled but managed it, alot better than I thought anyway. Even got a few snaps of the scenery. Thanks for organising it

Emma Clark

Thank you for a well organised and great race. I’ve ran trail runs before but nothing like Thrunton Thriller. I was very nervous at the start and wondered what I had let myself in for. It took me 2 hours to “run” the 8.30 miles but I finished with a smile on my face having throughly enjoyed this challenge. All marshalls were fantastic, pass on my thanks for thier work in making a great event. My biggest worry was getting lost but the course was well signed. I like the fact I had to sign in on number collection and out when finished. I loved my tshirt. A great event that I would definitely recommend to others.

Lynsey M

Great Event… Well done !! I Will definitely be back next year for more

Al Hosie

Thank you very much for a fantastic event on Sunday – my poor legs may regain sensation by the end of the week! Many thanks too, to all the marshals who stood out in the cold to support us – even the ones near the end, I’m sure they were only doing their job ;)

Look forward to joining you again next year

Karen Singleton

Loved it, rocks, roots, mud, ferns and big drop offs not forgetting the stream and boggy bits!

Nicholas Gilbert

Hi. We absolutely loved the race. It is my favourite race route now. I had been worried that it was going to be a lot on the fire roads, which I hate! I loved the way we went down the bike paths. I also loved the laidback approach to the event. The only thing that I would suggest would be to have visible water at the checkpoints as I didn’t see any.

Claire B

Great run, well marshalled and sign posted.
No faults highlighted from me. It really was excellent.

Lee Drummond

Thankyou for the organisation of the race.Ive ran in thrunton for years and had not been on some of the route.Really pleased that Northumberland is being opened up to these events thanks again

Graham Wilkinson

I had a great morning on the short run, was tested in so many ways and conquered some fears especially the descents!

More loos definitely and also a note to competitors the distance from parking the car to registration on the pre-run race info, it took 25mins to walk there, anyone getting a bit late would not have realised this.

I loved the complexity of the route and how you had to think every step of the way.

The photos that were taken during/around the event will these be posted anywhere? And is there a recording of times?

Thank you to you and the team for organising it was great to be part of the first one!

Louise Hayward

A cracking event, thanks to the organisers. As many have said the trail was so easy to follow it was a joy to take in the views and be challenged by the variety of terrain. Oh one thing. Can the half+ medal be bigger next time. That way I can have household bragging rights. My partner did the 10k+ and me the half!

Chris Chase

Thank you for organisation such a great event! will keep coming back to do more trail races. THANK YOU!

Hazelle Webster-Costella

Great race, lots of different terrain to cover, really well marked out and kept you concentrating all the way round. Parking not the best but very minor factor.

Gary Mason

Great run, well organised and signposted, and a nice day weather wise so what more could anybody ask for, other than someone to clean my trainers

Ian Nesbitt

Fabulous run, beautiful weather amazing scenery, can’t wait for the next one!

Caroline Fish