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Osprey 12


08.06.2019 – The Osprey 12 is a 12 hour lapped mountain race on Kielder’s blue graded Osprey route.  The plan was to make the 2018 event a one-off but given all the excellent feedback it would be a shame not to bring it back.  With a minor tweak to parking (no reversing!) the route is just a small change on 2018.


Regarded by many as the best of the many trails at Kielder this route has something for everyone.  Singletrack in abundance that flows nicely up and down through the trees in large sections, some tough forest track climbs which allow for passing.  There will be no quagmire for people to enjoy like they did in 2018 – firm surfaces only.


The whole event will take place in the inner working of the forest with an 11.8km lap and 320 metres of ascent/descent.  Vehicles (1 per team) will be placed on a forest track which results in a key parameter before entering: vehicles need to be car/van width so as to not block a forest track.  Sorry, no ma-hoo-ssive motorhomes.  Max of 100 vehicles/teams can ba handled at the event.  All event apparatus will be brought into the forest and once in place everyone will be there for the duration.


12 hours is a great length to be riding as it can provide a real challenge for new comers and seasoned veterans alike.  Whether your dipping your toe in the water of endurance racing or training for something bigger like WEMBO, Strathpuffer or Kielder Chiller 24 I’m sure the Osprey 12 will be useful.  There will be a boat load of categories on offer so plenty of chances to win a prizes.  Electronic timing will keep tabs on how people are doing.  Now what’s stopping you?



Key Details

Date: 08/06/2019
Info pack: Sent out by email 1 week prior
Registration times: 5am til 6:30am
Race start: 7am
Parking: Forest track. Car/van width only.
Prizes: Momento for all. SOLO(1/2/3/ V40/ V50/ V60 M/F, Fat, SS) PAIRS(1/2/3 M/F/Mix)
Off road






Blue Trails




Entries open here.  Momento for all and a host of race prizes on offer.  Solo: £45.  Pairs: £40 per person.  Maximum of 110 teams.  Full terms and conditions can be found here.  Just to be clear – no refunds, deferrals or transfers.


The event will be held on the forest tracks deep within the trees.  Therefore the maximum width of a vehicle needs to be car or van size.  Large oversized motorhomes will not be allowed on the course as they will simply block the track.  1 vehicle per team out on the course.


This is a blue route so no real technical stuff to deal with.  This makes it an ideal first 12 hour event for those looking to try out the format.  There is a real mix of all kind of trails.  Being fit is a bonus – the fitter you are then the better you will cope with 12 hours in the saddle.

Route Marking

The route will be fully marked with signs and you shouldn’t really go wrong (touch wood).


If you have any medical conditions you must tell us in advance of the run. A professional medical team will be on site to deal with major incidents. First aiders can also be found around the course. Each runner will be given essential safety info to take round with them that has key details on it. Mountain Rescue are informed of the event. The nearest hospital is Cramlington Accident and Emergency Hospital.

Mandatory Kit

Mountain biking can be an extreme sport with inherent hazards.  Although you do your own risk assessments it’s important that you carry a certain amount of minimum kit.

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Half filled water bottle
  • Emergency snacks

Whether you take spares out on the course is entirely up to you.  Somewhere in your armoury I’d recommend spare brake pads, inner tube, chain links – all the usual stuff.


Osprey 12 Route


Got something on your mind? We might be able to help you here:

Do I need to register in advance?

Yes. All participants must enter in advance using our online booking. For registration info please see above.

Will we receive a map of the route?

The map is available above and will be sent again in the info pack.  You won’t really need a map to be able to follow the course.

Are there Age Limits for Participants?

Yes. All riders must be 18 or over.

Should I bring my family?

Feel free.  They can walk down to the castle and see the attractions around there if they need to kill some time.

Can I bring my dog?

I wouldn’t recommend it.  Space will already be tight and a dog could easily get in the way of fast moving bikes which would be bad for the rider and the dog.

What Bike Should I Ride?

Anything with wheels will do.  This is a blue trail that can be tackled by hard tails, full suss, rigid or even adventure/cx bikes.  There’s one rough section because I didn’t want you to be having it too easy.

Can we stay the night before?

The campsite at Kielder is a great spot to have a nights sleep before the event.  Take in some of the those famous dark skies.

Do I need a support team?

You don’t have to have one but they do make a massive difference if you want to be at the sharp end of things.  Having someone fix your bike or make food n drinks is a huge help when your energy levels are low.

What happens if I drop out?

We encourage anyone to try as hard as they can but there is no point in going beyond your limits. Injury, fitness or even a family emergency may mean you have to leave the event. If this happens on the course please go to the nearest checkpoint/marshal and let them know you are dropping out. If you only go to one checkpoint please try and make it the registration area as this is the final count of who has finished and left the area. If you don’t then we’ll presume you are missing and go on a man hunt! Always sign out of the event.

Due to the nature of the course your vehicle will be on site until the end of the race.

Osprey 12