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Kielder MTB Marathon


08.09.2019  MTB folklore tells a tale of an epic 100 mile bike race that ran at Kielder many years ago.  Notorious for breaking bikes and breaking wills this was an stunning test of machine and body in the wilderness of the Northumbrian border lands.  Returning with a slightly different format is one mighty beast of a day out on your bike.  You can enter the 50 mile sportive or the 100 mile race.  The route consists of a single 50 mile lap that strings together all the best bits of Kielder.  Yes you guessed it, twice round for the race.  This route makes use of the superb purpose built trails and also the special xc orientated trails that are used by the local riders.  The route promises to be fun whilst the distance turns it into a huge challenge.


If you’re travelling from distance then have a look at the local campsite – all funds raised at the site go towards further developing Kielder as a destination.  There are a load of prizes on offer with a large range of categories.  We’ll have feed stations on the route to keep you fuelled as well as and plenty of marshals to encourage you along.  To take on an event like this you need to be prepared; brake pads are the most obvious thing to bring but also it’s worth having a freshly serviced bike just before the big day.


As with all our events, the emphasis is heavily based on fun.  We all ride our bikes to enjoy it with like minded folk.  Anyone taking things too seriously will be thrown in the reservoir 🙂



Date: 08/09/2019
Info pack: Sent out by email 1 week prior
Registration times: Sat 4pm til 9pm and Sun 5am til 7am
Race start: 8am
Parking: Forestry Commission car park - pay and display.
Prizes: Memento for all. SOLO(1/2/3/ V40/ V50/ V60 M/F, Fat, SS), Random spot prizes. Presentation will be in the castle function room at 6pm unless otherwise stated.
Off road






Tough XC




Entries open here.  Momento for all and a host of race prizes on offer.  100 mile race: £50.  50 mile sportive: £40 per person.  Full terms and conditions can be found here.  Just to be clear – no refunds, deferrals or transfers.


There are lots of parking options.  If you are staying in the campsite then parking is included in your stay and you will be right next to the start.  If you are turning up on the day then you will need to pay for a ticket at the pay and display point in the car park,


We’re all about inclusion so the 50 mile route is open to any reasonably fit and competent rider.  To tackle the 100 mile jobbie it’s recommended that you have a high level of fitness and some basic bike fixing skills to self repair if needed.

Route Marking

The route will be fully marked and marshalled with a gpx sent out 1 week prior to the event.


If you have any medical conditions you must tell us in advance of the run. A professional medical team will be on site to deal with major incidents. First aiders can also be found around the course. Each runner will be given essential safety info to take round with them that has key details on it. Mountain Rescue are informed of the event. The nearest hospital is Cramlington Accident and Emergency Hospital.

Mandatory Kit

Mountain biking can be an extreme sport with inherent hazards.  Although you do your own risk assessments it’s important that you carry a certain amount of minimum kit.

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Large water bottle or bladder
  • Emergency snacks
  • Single extra waterproof/windproof layer (can be one item for both)

Anyone who wins a category spot will be asked to she the mandatory kit at the finish.  If you don’t have it then you are disqualified.  That is black and white.

Whether you take spares out on the course is entirely up to you.  We would highly recommend it  Somewhere in your armoury I’d recommend spare brake pads, inner tube, chain links – all the usual stuff.


Got something on your mind? We might be able to help you here:

Do I need to register in advance?

Yes. All participants must enter in advance using our online booking. For registration info please see above.

Will we receive a map of the route?

The map is available above and will be sent again in the info pack.  You won’t really need a map to be able to follow the course.

Are there Age Limits for Participants?

Yes. All riders must be 18 or over.

Should I bring my family?

Feel free.  There are loads of things to do in and around Kielder.  Also, the route will be designed so there are plenty of opportunities for friends and family to see you in action.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are more than welcome in and around Kielder but obviously not allowed to be out on the event.

What Bike Should I Ride?

Any mountain bike will do be it full suss, fat, single speed, hardtail or rigid.  You’re welcome to bring gravel type bikes but be aware there are mountain bike specific trails which may not suit.

Can we stay the night before?

The campsite at Kielder is a great spot to have a nights sleep before the event.  Take in some of the those famous dark skies.

Do I need a support team?

You don’t need a support team on this event.  However, if you’re at the sharp end then you are more than welcome to use external support when you transition from lap 1 to lap 2 doing the 100 mile race.  You can only use one bike for the event.  If it breaks then you fix it.

What happens if I drop out?

We encourage anyone to try as hard as they can but there is no point in going beyond your limits. Injury, fitness or even a family emergency may mean you have to leave the event. If this happens on the course please go to the nearest checkpoint/marshal and let them know you are dropping out. If you only go to one checkpoint please try and make it the registration area as this is the final count of who has finished and left the area. If you don’t then we’ll presume you are missing and go on a man hunt! Always sign out of the event.

Kielder MTB Marathon