We try our best to answer all the queries that come in about the events and often we find some of them are repeated and turn out to be very relevant.  This post tries to look at some frequently asked questions that have come in and pitch our event at the right kind of people.

Let’s start with our general ethos towards sporting events.  We love the Cheviots as Northumberland National Park represents one of the most remote areas in England.  A place where you can walk all day in the height of summer and not see another person on your travels.  Try that in the Lakes.  They also happen to be a lot bigger than people realise but they’re large in a swelling, rising fell kind of way rather than the steep craggy sides of mountains you would expect.  Think something more akin to the Yorkshire Dales than the Cairngorms and you get the picture.  Our aim is to get people to come to the area and experience it through good challenges that push people beyond their normal limits but no so hard as to be out of reach.

Am I Fit Enough?

No matter which way you look at it, to ride 44 miles in the rolling Cheviot hills you need to have a reasonable level of personal fitness.  There is no requirement to be pushing out big numbers in the gym every day but conversely please don’t approach this event having no underlying fitness.  Remember this is not a race or a competitive event so you can choose to get round at your own pace.  We have cut off points which are only set up to stop you continuing if you’ve taken an excessive amount of time to reach a checkpoint.  The marshals can also make decisions about whether to pull you out of the event for safety or medical reasons.

How Skilled Do I Need To Be?

The event is what you make it.  If you’re a dedicated enduro rider and want to nail it round as fast as you can and attack all the down hills then you will find challenges at every turn.  If you’re a novice you can be safe in the knowledge that there are no jumps or twisty steep descents going through trees with think roots to avoid!  Our event is a challenge and you can approach it as you see fit – the course is deliberately designed to be a decent distance but not excessive and with lots of up and down to appeal to everyone.

What Do I need To Bring?

The kit list is on the website and you will be reminded prior to the event about what you should be bringing.  This is really just common sense stuff that you probably take when you go out on your bike any other time.  The Cheviots are a beautiful place but even in summer the weather can turn for the worst.  Out on the fells without the right clothing you can be prone to exposure if you do not have the proper clothing and equipment.  One key lesson anyone who has been in this area can tell you – if it is sunny in the morning don’t assume it is going to be sunny for the rest of the day!

Our kit list covers all sensible areas such as waterproofs, spare clothing, whistle, compass, torch, bivvy bag, food, drink, bike gear etc.  It’s highly, highly unlikely that you are going to need the emergency gear but that one time that might just need it then you’ll be grateful that it’s there.


We ride for our own enjoyment in these hills and we want to share some of that experience with the wider world.  This is amazing countryside ready for you to get through.  In terms of fitness we just need you to have a reasonable level.  In terms of skill level you don’t need to be a hardcore downhill racer or enduro rider – you just need to know your limits and stay within them.  In terms of kit we require you to bring what is on our kit list.

We’ll be sending you plenty of email reminders between now and the event so you’ll have no excuse on the day ;-).  All you need to do is get out on your bike and get ready for the big day.  Can’t wait to meet you!

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