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High Fells of Coquet 38


15/07/2018 – Subject to TRA/Athletics England Rules.  The High Fells of Coquet 38 is a continuation of the popular Clennell Trail run ultra but this time held at the Rose & Thistle pub, Alwinton.  Same stupendously steep hills, same stunning ridge-line views and same levels of thunderous pain in your legs.  The only thing that has changed is the start/finish point.  As ultra go 38 miles is a nice distance, just don’t mention the hills involved.  Although I’m yet to achieve that lifelong ambition of bringing someone to tears, I have to say this event comes pretty close.


Set in the stunning hills of Upper Coquetdale you’ll be thrust headlong into iconic names such as Shillhope Law, Windy Gyle, Pennine Way, Mozie Law, Lamb Hill, Copper Snout and many more.  Their beauty almost takes away the pain that your legs are starting to scream about after the third or fourth humdinger.  Once you’re done you’ll have some amazing memories and would have spent the day with like-minded hardly souls tramping around the fells.


This route is self navigated and having a map of the route/area is a must.  Our safety team will be on hand to help you through the day and we have specialist atvs and 4×4 vehicles to call on should you have problems in the really remote sections – yes there are plenty of those.


We will supply food and drink but you’ll need to have drop bags, 2 of them, and it’s a good idea to make provisions to take on a lot of water as the stint between drop bags is a big one – taking a tiny litre bottle out to save weight is only going to go Pete Tong if the weather warms up.  You can put whatever you like in those drop bags such as trainers, socks, food you know agrees with you etc etc.  When you’re done we’ll cheer you in, dish out a technical tee and give you a finishers medal.  There are also a wide range of category prizes on offer so you’ll have a good chance of getting something good for your mantle piece.


Before you enter please remember that ultras rely a lot on self sufficiency and motivation.  38 miles is a good way to get into ultra running but remember it is all about preparation so make sure you get it right.  Now what’s stopping you from giving it a go?



Key Details

Date: 15/07/2018
Info pack: Sent out by email 1 week prior
Registration times: 5am til 5:45am
Run start: 6am
Parking: Farmers field. Free.
Prizes: Medal and technical tees for all. 1/2/3/V40/V50/V60/V70 M/F
Off Road










Entries open via sientries now.  £38 per person.  You will get safety cover, finishers medal, helpful marshals, off road support vehicles, food, drink, communications, timing, prizes and a technical tee.  Please read the full terms and conditions here before entering.  Just to be clear, there are no transfers, deferrals or refunds for this event.


There are no cut-offs for this event.  Take as long as you like.  We reserve the right to take you out of the event on safety or medical grounds.


Some use of ultras is useful but not essential.  This makes a good intermediate ultra for those looking to step up to the really big ultras in the mountains such as the Cheviot Goat, Tyne Trail Ultra, full SOW Ultra etc.

Route Marking

The route will be self navigated.  A GPX file will be sent out in the info pack 1 week prior to the event.


There will be at least 2 checkpoints where your drop bags will be placed.  Their location will depend upon the 2018 route.

Medical Info

If you have any medical conditions you must tell us in advance of the run. A professional medical team will be on site to deal with major incidents. First aiders can also be found around the course. Each runner will be given essential safety info to take round with them that has key details on it. Mountain Rescue are informed of the event. The nearest hospital is Cramlington Accident and Emergency Hospital.

Mandatory Kit

If you’re entering an ultra then chances are you will know the deal.  Whatever happens with the weather, you just have to deal with it. The run won’t be called off due to bad weather (lightning apart) so you’ll just have to deal with it. Here’s your list:

  • Enough fluid for 2 hours of running – gauge this based on your own assessment as more may be needed
  • Emergency whistle
  • Waterproof/Windproof jacket/gillet (can be one jacket)
  • Hat and gloves
  • Leg cover either in the form of running tights or waterproof covers.
  • Emergency survival bag – the plastic kind are just find and cheap as chips.
  • Food of your choice.
  • Mobile phone. It will only work when high up but it can be a vital lifeline in an emergency.
  • OS Map OL16 1:25,000

This kit will be checked before the run starts as no chances will be taken out on the hill.


A map will be loaded as soon as a route is confirmed with land owners.


Got something on your mind? We might be able to help you here:

Do I need to register in advance?

Yes. All participants must enter in advance using our online booking. For registration info please see above.

Will we receive a map of the route?

You will be sent the map as part of the runner information pack around 1 week prior to the event. There will be a map of the route on display in the registration area. The route will be well marked but in the event of any issue refer to your map. The route is well sign posted with marshals at key points.

Are there Age Limits for Participants?

Yes. All runners must be 18 or over.

Should I bring my family?

Why not. They can walk around the hills or sit in the event HQ if there is bad weather.

Can I bring my dog?

You can bring your bog to the event but not out onto the hills. Our insurance is pretty strict about dogs not taking part in events.

What Shoes Should I Wear?

Trail or fell running shoes are highly, highly recommended. Conditions under foot could be anything from deep bog to rocky to grassy.  Comfort will be high on your list also.

Can we stay the night before?

We’ll be working hard to sort out some free camping asap.

There are plenty of places to stay in the area should you be travelling from further afield. Have a look at the accommodation options here.

Do I need a support team?

No. We will man the event and make sure you get round OK. You will need to bring essentials such as a kit list/compulsory items mentioned above.

What happens if I drop out?

We encourage anyone to try as hard as they can but there is no point in going beyond your limits. Injury, fitness or even a family emergency may mean you have to leave the event. If this happens on the course please go to the nearest checkpoint/marshal and let them know you are dropping out. If you only go to one checkpoint please try and make it the registration area as this is the final count of who has finished and left the area. If you don’t then we’ll presume you are missing and go on a man hunt! Always sign out of the event.

High Fells of Coquet 38