An event is only as good as its volunteers.  They can make the difference about whether participants have a good day or a bad one.  Due to the nature of our events being out in the countryside it is important that we try and get a good team of marshals together and part of that is to try and get as many volunteers as possible on the team  The duties involved are varied in range from helping organise the car parking to standing on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere.  However, the only pre-requisites that you need are that you smile a lot and encourage the people doing the event to keep going.

To give up your day is a big ask so in return we are offering you either:

  • Free entry into a future event of your choosing.
  • Free meal at an agreed location.  For example Clennell Hall bar/restaurant for the events held there.

If you’re going to volunteer you will need to bring some kit with you.  The events are held in remote places and as such if the weather turns you need to have clothing and kit with you that can handle the situation.  We will give you a marshals bib to stick on top but it is a good idea if you bring your own waterproofs and warm clothing.  Also, bring some food and drink in a backpack for the day – we’ll resupply you where possible and normally we can give you a packed lunch but it’s always good to have a backup that you like.

If you’re interested in being a volunteer at one of our events email us as