These events just can’t happen without the support of some valuable regional organisations.  These people provide essential services, employment and preservation functions and it is important that we acknowledge what a great job they are doing!

The Forestry Commission

Working out of Bellingham these people are managing the use and harvest of our forests.  Without them we simply wouldn’t be able to hold these events.  Take a look at how they have worked in harmony with outdoor enthusiats by the construction of all the various walking/running / biking routes around Kielder.

Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team

The unsung heroes of the north east.  These guys and girls are all volunteers who work respond when the chips are down.  The group was formed because of an accident in the Cheviots not far from our base at a place called Alnham and you can read about them on various info points there.  We donate a percentage of every ticket bought to charity and these people are frequent recipients.  For larger events Mountain Rescue provide safety cover as well as expert planning advice.

North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team

They operate in the same area and so we also donate some of the designated charity money to them also.  A highly professional and skilled team that are quick to respond to many incidents across the north east,

Northumberland National Park

This is the body responsible for the upkeep of this amazing national park.  Their tireless work in promoting, marketing, maintaining and supporting the people and businesses of the area is amazing.

Land Owners

Our events, especially the longer distance ones, tend to cross land owned and managed by many people and organisations.  Without the co-opoeration of these people we would never be able to operate so our thanks goes to them.  Often farmers are moving livestock just for us so it is vitally important that we stick to the country code and close gates and never leave litter in the countryside.

Ministry of Defence

The MOD is a principle land owner in the area and as such play a key role in operational matters.  We often look to cross land or through roads which require special permission and we are grateful to these people for their continued support.

British Cycling

The governing body of cycling in Britain has been very helpful in the organisation and procedures related to the event.  From top tips on set up through the ticketing and promotion they have been incredibly helpful.  It’s no wonder that there has been such a huge increase in participation numbers given that the responsible governing body has been so proactive and helpful.  Long may that continue.

Tomlinsons Cafe

It’s not a governing body, land owner or anything like that.  It is however, one of the key drivers of outdoor sports in and around Rothbury and have supported High Fell Events from its inception.  They offer accommodation, encouragement, food and drink and work closely with many events teams and clubs.