Events at Clennell Hall

Coming by car is by far the easiest option.  There is one road in and one road out so getting here is fairly easy!  Rothbury and Otterburn are some of the larger towns nearby and the city of Newcastle is about 45 miles away.  The address is shown below but it is worth remembering that you go PAST Harbottle almost to Alwinton in order to get here:

Clennell Hall Country House, Harbottle, Morpeth
Northumberland, NE65 7BG

And here is a map:

Events At Ingram

The events from Ingram such as the Breamish Behemoth, take place in the village hall right next to the local cafe.  It’s a single road after turning off the A697 just north of Powburn.  The address is:

Ingram village Hall
NE66 4LT

Events at Rothbury

Our events from Rothbury go from Tomlinsons cafe which is situation in the town centre next to the bridge.  The address is:

Bridge Street
NE65 7SF

Planes and Trains

The nearest airport is Newcastle International Airport which is approximately 40 miles from the event.  The nearest major train station is again Newcastle with smaller terminals at Morpeth and Alnmouth but you would still need to find a way across to our rural setting.  We can arrange transport with you directly if you are coming in from an international destination, please just contact us.