Deadwater Dirty Dozen

Deadwater Dirty Dozen MTB Race

3rd September 2017.  Entries Open NOW!

To celebrate the arrival of the Tour of Britain to Kielder we’re sticking on this one-off 12 hour lapped mountain bike race.  It’s like a “light” version of the Kielder Chiller 24 for people to get a feel for endurance racing only without the horrendous weather of the big winter brother 24 hour event.  No matter if you are super competitive or just want to dip a toe in the endurance racing pond you’ll be welcome here.  There will be a full safety team, electronic timing, categories, cheerful marshals and a cafe nearby to fill your bellies.

The race incorporate a unique start.  To go with the Tour of Britain theme there will be a Top of Britain set-off.  Riders will be started 1.5km short of Deadwater summit and then race to the highest man made mtb trail in England.  What follows with be 3km of continuous down hill singletrack – now that’s surely going to be fun!  From then on it will be into laps.  There’s only one rule – don’t take things too seriously!  It’s all about having fun and riding your bike.

Race Essentials




Last Entry

A grind
12 hours


Info pack Sent out 1 week prior
Registration times 4am til 6am
Race start 7am
Off road 100%
Parking 1 vehicle per team allowed on course.  Parking provided for everyone else.
Prizes Solo (1st 2nd 3rd Male/Female, 1st SS, 1st Fatty) / Pairs (1st 2nd 3rd Team Male/Female/Mixed) / Quads (1st 2nd 3rd Team Male/Female/Mixed) / Fastest single lap / goody for all!


Entries open NOW!  Limited to 300 riders total. Last entry available 28/08/17.

Solo £40 per rider
Pairs £80 per team / £40 per rider
Quads £140 per team / £35 per rider

For terms and regulations regarding the event please click here.  Just to be clear there will be NO REFUNDS available for this event.


No cut offs in place for this race. Take as long as you like completing your laps. The only reason we’ll pull you out is on medical grounds and a full medical team will be on hand for assessment and treatment.  The race will be stopped when the clock hits the time, any laps completed after this will not count.

Route Marking

The route as it stands is 6.5 miles with a combination of single track and forest tracks.  It will be full signed and marked up.


There are no checkpoints as such other than the start/finish area through which you must pass to dib your timer.

Medical Info

If you have any medical conditions you must tell us in advance of the run.  A professional medical team will be on site to deal with major incidents.  First aiders can also be found around the course.  Each participant will be given essential safety info to take round with them that has key details on it.  Mountain Rescue are informed of the event.  The nearest hospital is Cramlington Accident and Emergency Hospital.

Mandatory Kit List

Kielder in Septamber can still be fruity so come prepared.  Here’s your list:

  • Enough fluid for 1 hour of riding
  • Emergency whistle
  • Waterproof/Windproof jacket/gillet (can be one jacket)
  • Spare food of your choice.
  • Mobile phone.  It will only work when high up but it can be a vital lifeline in an emergency.
  • Helmet
  • Bike lights and means of powering them through the night.
  • Basic first aid kit.


Map of the route can be seen here.  This may be modified before the big day.

Kielder Chiller


GPX file can be found here.


Got something on your mind?  We might be able to help you here:

Got any advice on 12 hour mountain biking?

Well actually we’re lucky enough to have one of the very best 24 hour mtb racers around in the north east.  Yes I know this is 12 hours but the principals are the same.  Read Richard Rothwell’s tips here.

Accommodation – where can I stay?

You will need to sort your own accommodation for the night before but luckily that’s pretty easy as the campsite is very handy.

Do I need to register in advance?

Yes.  All participants must enter in advance using our online booking.  For registration info please see above.

Will we receive a map of the route?

You will be sent the map as part of the runner information pack around 1 week prior to the event.  There will be a map of the route on display in the registration area.  The route will be well marked out so there is no need to carry a map.

Are there age limits for Participants?

Yes.  All riders must be 18 or over.

Do I need to be a pro?

As will every event we host we’ll try and make it as fun and open as possible.  If it’s your first time then we’ll be gentle, if you’re a regular then you’ll fit straight in.

Can I bring my dog?

If you really want to then that’s fine but make sure it goes nowhere near the riders.  Tie it up behind or in your event vehicle.

What about vehicles?

One car per team is allowed out on the course.  You’ll get to park on a section of the forest track but make sure you are well across to the side – remember that you should try and leave enough space for an ambulance to get through.  Every vehicle other than the designated event vehicle will be placed in the alternative parking, details of which will be in the event info pack.  Due to the terrain of the route, no caravans will be allowed on the course route.  Gazebos, small tents etc are fine.

What’s happening about timing?

Electronic timing will be provided so you can be sure it will be as accurate as possible.  Live results will be available if our web connection holds out!

What bike?

Anything you want, just don’t bring a road bike :-)  Fat, thin, big, small – they are all welcome here.

Any food on site?

You must be providing your own food to get round the course.  However, there will be other options available such as the cafe in Kielder castle which is open for the duration of the event.

Do I need a support team?

It is entirely up to you.  If you’re solo it’s great to have someone to motivate you and repair your bike but it’s not a must.  There are plenty of other people around to gee you up and lend a hand.

In terms of bike parts there is an on-site shop that will be open through the day and a mobile bike mechanic on site throughout the event.

What happens if I drop out?

We encourage anyone to try as hard as they can but there is no point in going beyond your limits.  Injury, fitness or even a family emergency may mean you have to leave the event.  If this happens on the course please go to the nearest checkpoint and let them know you are dropping out.  If you only go to one checkpoint please try and make it the registration area as this is the final count of who has finished and left the area.  If you don’t then we’ll presume you are missing and go on a man hunt!