Don’t take our word about the Clennell Colossus, read some of the feedback we got from the riders.

David Johnson

Was an excellent planned out ride, altho probably the toughest XC i have ever done. Afterwards i thought don’t think i would do that again, but now that I’m recovered i probably will and also get a little extra training in. Got lucky with the weather aswell which made the day even better. Looking forward to trying the breamish behemoth next.

Terry Coaker

Many thanks to you and your team for organising and marshalling the event. Hardest bloody thing I’ve ever ridden/ pushed. Honestly could have cried and thrown my bastard bike away at one low (actually high) point. Glad it wasn’t raining or sunny-I’d only have added to your casualty list! Anyway apart from the nonsense at breakfast that was not in your control- and now the pain has subsided a bit- a great day out!

Richard Rothwell

Taken from his website:

Next up was a rather novel bash organised by High Fell Events. a single 47 mile lap of my local (pretty big) hills. 2,300 meters of climbing is not to be sniffed at anywhere, but in the Cheviots, I knew from experience of the relentless, steep and long draggy grass, that this would be tough. It wasn’t a ‘race’ but with Mountain Mayhem the following weekend and a handful of guys pushing at the front, I wanted to make this a tough day. Even with my local knowledge, I hadn’t bargained for how tough it would be! I’ve never ridden these hills at race pace and it was entirely different to your normal steady endurance ride. I pulled way from a couple of determined chasers but riding at pace on this terrain was tough.

The stings came in the second half of the course; a bottom to top ascent of Windy Gyle is enough to test any rider! This is the longest granny ring climb I’ve done in the UK (or maybe even beyond). It took 23 mins of carefully balancing on relentlessly steep grass and peat before I scrabbled over the top. I rode this as a yoof, and even now after lots of miles and training, it’s still the same…. ‘just’ make it without putting a foot down from the sheer effort.

Michael Fowler

Great challenging event. I’ve only taken part in a few and this has been my favourite so far.
This has been the only event that has given me any ‘which way now’ feelings. Great course marking no need to get the map out at all.

Windy Gyle was a destroyer of a climb even if I did push most of it.
Will definitely do it again, only next time with suspension!

Richie Pipes

Just a quick note to thank everyone for all their hard work organising the event. We had a great time – it was hard and I might have pushed a few times but we were so lucky with the weather (a dry spell then a cool day with little wind for the actual ride – awesome!).
All the marshals were lovely, route was well marked (one or two points where I wondered if we’d gone off piste but that was probably exhaustion rather than any issues with marking!) and Clenell Hall was a great venue for this sort of event – we stopped the night on Sunday rather than Saturday and I think we made the right call!
There were issues with no food + water at checkpoint one but i think it had more of a psychological effect upon me rather than a physical one – when I saw that checkpoint two was still well stocked I felt a warm glow again!
Best aspect for me was the course layout – I’d imagined the first half could be a lot of uninspiring “corridors” of trees but how wrong I was!

Thanks again and hope to see you next year

Rob Chapman

Amazing scenery and an amazing place, so great to come up and see it. Alas with an average age of 54 and repairs to two chain breaks (one wasn’t in our group – but we had the tools to fix it for the rider) we were defeated before the Windy Gyle climb and (after talking with John, the marshal) had to take the pragmatic option to miss that bit out, partly through time and partly ‘cos we were ‘spent’! Maybe we’ll come back and finish that bit off another day.

Loved the challenge, loved the event, but any chance of a slightly shorter option next time for those of us less extreme (and older) – perhaps a 30 miler? We’d still travel up the 262 miles for that!

Thanks again. Congratulations to all rides and organisers.

Wayne Brown

Thanks for your email regarding the well done for the Clennell Colossus bike ride.

I had a great day doing it. It was really really REALLY tough though! And I gave it my all, but I was defeated and had to take a short cut and end the ride around about 30+ miles in.

The other two guys who I did the ride with managed to complete it and they are regular riders and they both said it was mega tough!

I think maybe an option for a half scaled one for next year would be good! Giving people the option to do the full course or about 23/24mile half course.

Then people will know by the half way mark if they will be capable of completing it. Some of the hills were enormous! Especially the very first one at the start!

However it was a great experience Barry and thanks for organising it too. I will send you through a few photographs which a I took on the ride.


Just like to say thanks to you and all the volunteers. We had a great day on Sunday, found it a bit harder than expected even tho we had been doing 70 mile training rides , the climbs seemed never ending ! We really enjoyed the whole day, well organised , varied route and a good sense of achievement when we finished. Bacon sandwich at the cafe a must ☺. Langholm next week will seem easy compared to your ride . Looking forward to next years ride , will just have to do more hill climbing training . Please pass on my thanks to all those involved .

Thomas Maughan

Although it was an extremely hard day (8hrs 48mins) it was also an excellent event and I felt a great sense of achievement on finishing.

Although we arrived later than planned your team’s organisation from car parking, registration to marshals was excellent. It must have been a very long day for all your team and even when my friend jokingly threatened to sue the lady on he last check point (4miles to go and also used as the 1st 20 mile check point) she took this in the spirit that it was intended and was very friendly.

The varied route terrain was also well planned from dirt tracks, forest and moorland trails. The way marks were exceptional and I’m very surprised that somebody got lost! So I plan to do it again next year albeit with more training.

Please pass on our thanks to all your team for an excellent day.

To sum it up, ‘it was a very hard but enjoyable challenge made so much easier by the smooth organisation and friendly team/volunteers’

Out of our varied group we had 6 finish out of 9. Which shows the severity of the challenge. Having got the British cycling email to state well done would it also be possible for you to tell us how many started, how many finished and what the fastest and slowest times were?

I would not have entered this event if it had been a race and I like the mantra of it being ‘an event’ but knowing the above may encourage our non finishers to give it another go next year!

Many thanks again to you and all your team.

Gary Cassidy

Barry, I never got to speak to any of the helpers at the end – so just wanted to pass on my thanks for such a great day’s experience. It was my first mountain bike event and I thought it was superbly organised and marshalled

Thanks again – will be back for more if your up for organising it again next year?

Chris Craig

hope you enjoyed the day yesterday?

Thought the day went well, the weather certainly played ball, how you managed to get the rain to stop just before the start and stay away all day is a miracle.

The route was something else, obviously knew what to expect for the first 30 miles but when we did it with you we took the pennine way up to windy gyle, but obviously thats not an option for an event so it was a shock to start at the bottom of the usway ford and do the climb up to windy gyle. Worth it though the street is a really fun grasy blast back to barrowburn
It was extremely tough going with the grassy climbs towards the end but the marshalls were great giving plenty of encouragement as well.
You ve gave me a few new trails to plan my routes on now, so happy days.

It was an eyeopener for the riders who don’t normally ride around there but i think it’ll bring them back to do a few smaller routes and experience the fantastic trails around there together with amazing scenery.