Clennell Colossus

A 25/50 Mile XC MTB Challenge

Sat 10th June 2017 : Long route £29 then £34, Short route £25 then £27.  Entries open late 2016  More registration info.

The 2016 long route was just about as hard as it could possibly be and riders pushed themselves to the limit to get round.  You’ll be happy to know that things are toned down for 2017 with access being opened once more to the original route options.   Once again we will have two distances on offer: 25 miles and 50 miles.  Don’t for a second think the shorter route is going to be easy, it skips straight to the big stuff and you’ll be faced with the same 3 final climbs as 2015 including the famous Trows to Windy Gyle section.  We can’t wait to welcome all you bikers back to area!

The big change for 2017 is the day has been switched to Saturday instead of Sunday.  The only real reason for doing this is so we can all have a knees up afterwards in the bar.  Only being honest!  There’s camping on offer just outside the hotel and you can stay Friday, Saturday and Sunday if you wish.  Or why not use the event as a reason to visit Northumberland and the National Park with all the surrounding attractions.

Want to go far and get high?  Northumberland National Park has some of the best mountain bike trails around with unrestricted off-road access for mile after mile as you climb uphill with burning muscles and tackle rapid downhill sections.  We’ve worked hand in hand with land owners, Northumberland National Park, Forestry Commission, British Cycling, MOD and many more to bring you this event.  This course will offer you a unique challenge as you try to get yourself round the ever undulating hills of the area.  This is not the Lake District or the west coast of Scotland but don’t be fooled… there are some big hills in these here parts!

You’ll leave the beautiful Clennell Hall and have a bit of a gentle ride up the valley to get yourself warmed up before getting down to business.  One key factor of the local geography is that the hills nearly always have steep sides so climbs can be a touch sharp if not that long.  After stopping to recharge at Barrowburn cafe you head out on the trails again up some juicy hills before hitting finally going off-road again back into Clennell.  The hills can be steep or they can be steady, the terrain switches from forest track to single trail to grass and the land can be very exposed with views that can blow you away.

Clennell Colossus

What’s the idea here though?  This is not a race.  You can go as fast or as slow as you like, the choice is yours.  The Clennell Colossus is a challenge event and you test yourself against the course and the environment.  Our concern is that you get to see for yourself how beautiful the area is, that you do it safely and that you have FUN!  We’ll provide food and drinks on the way round and our team will check you all reach the checkpoints or we’ll come out looking for you.  The event is open to any adult and you can find out more details about registration here.

You can turn up for the event and do the whole thing and then go home again, that is no problem at all.  We will sort out the free parking for you on the event grounds.  One of our general aims is to promote the area and the outdoors so we have free camping for the weekend on the site grounds.  In fact the only thing we ask is that you let us know in advance if you want to camp.  There is also the option of staying in Clennell Hall Country House itself or any of the other local B&B spots.  For more info on accommodation please click here.

The start and finish is at Clennell Hall and you are more than welcome to go in and order drinks and food should you want to – all welcome.  The route takes in a local cafe about a third of the way in at Barrowburn ( farm which doubles up as a checkpoint.  Remember this is not a race and here is an opportunity to buy supplies such as chocolate bars, cakes, sandwiches or even a full meal if you can eat quickly!  You’re going to need the energy reserves because the from here onwards come some bad mamma jamma hills.  Have you got what it takes?

Now what are you waiting for?  For registration info see here.  For more event info see here.

New for 2017 – Kids Colossus!

Cycling GenerationThe Cheviots are not just for adults any more as Cycling Generation are offering guided rides and skills for kids.  These are held on both the Saturday and the Sunday with two superb instructors.  Let your kids get out into the wilds on Northumberland and come back with a real sense of achievement.  These events are delivered by Cycling Generation and so must be booked through them directly.  More info can be found here:

Saturday – Mini Colossus

Sunday – Colossus Kids

Both events have limited places so if you would like your child to have expert tuition then get booked up early.


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