High Fell Events

Hello and welcome to High Fell Events!  We’re a group of people who got together and decided it’s time to bring the beauty and majesty of the Cheviots to the sporting masses!  Northumberland National Park is one of the wildest and most remote places in England which makes it a truly excellent choice for challenging outdoor activities.  All our events raise money for local charities and try to raise awareness of not only the area for tourism but of the many organisations who make public access possible.

Sports such as mountain biking, trail running and adventure challenges are held at a number of locations in the region.  Alwinton, Rothbury, Barrowburn and Ingram to name a few.  We try and make every event family orientated with camping options, chances to see people on the route or hold activities in places where there is lots to do.  Our events are all about the experience and having fun and hopefully you’ll come back and visit these places yourself sometime in the future.

Trail Running

clennell trail run

Cragside Cracker

Mountain Biking

Deadwater Dirty Dozen



All of our events have fully equipped safety teams but we advise that you have a decent level of fitness before taking them on.  We try to give every participant big dollops of TLC as you go round the courses and don’t worry of you can’t make it, if you make it to a check point and can’t get any further then we will come and get you and bring you back to base.We have a number of other events in planning at the moment so please keep watching and follow our social media for more updates.

Remember our passion for these events comes from our passion for the outdoors and we want to share that with you.  The Cheviots and the surrounding Northumberland landscape is an outdoor enthusiasts dream and it is our mission to get more and more people interested in what opportunities there are here.  There are a number of fantastic organisations that help make these events and you can find out more about them here.

Come and join in the fun for events that last a day but memories that will last a lifetime!

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